Monday, June 12, 2006

Morning on the River

Pine River is bank-full and cold after all the rain we've had. I was down there this morning to test the water for the Green Mountain Conservation Group.

It was strange to see the sun.

The mosquitoes had been hellish as I walked through the woods to get to the river, but they weren't too bad when I got there. Flat swarms of them swirled just over the water's surface, intent on their own business. Dipping down into this motion in parabolic dives were mayflies. The two patterns blended like a dance.

The water is dark brown, but not really silty. The samples I tested for turbidity produced lower numbers than I think I've ever seen.

When I was young I would look down small rivers as we drove across their bridges in the family car on our way somewhere else. I always wondered what I might find along those mysterious, neglected streams. Every time I've followed one I've found something cool.

It's nice to be taking care of a river now. Posted by Picasa