Sunday, May 07, 2006

Frog Finding

On a sunny bike tour around the neighborhood, Laurie and I went down Huntress Bridge Road, a straight mile of dirt across a tamarack swamp. It was too nice a day to hurry.

We stopped to look into the water filling the wetland after the rain last week. Levels are low compared to years when winter's snow was deep, but somehow it manages to flow. The small rains we've received do bring the streams up a little.

At first the little ponds looked sterile. We saw a few water bugs dancing on the surface, but nothing more. Then Laurie, the Frog Finder, began to spot them. There seemed to be a frog or two every few inches. As we walked further, to a wider bit of water, we saw egg masses down near the bottom. It looked like a fairly good day in the frog world.

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Margaret said...

I love frogs. I won't touch them, but my 3 girls will, and of course the hubster. We recently had our in-ground pool filled in, and the only thing I will really miss about it is the wildlife (except the drowned things) it attracted. Of course 100 feet away is the river, but the pool was like my personal frog pond. I'll miss going out first thing in the morning in my nightgown to see who came in during the night.