Monday, July 27, 2009

Paddle and Swim at P-Lake

Aunt and nephew go over some basic strokes after launching from the narrow beach right next to Route 153. We're probably in Maine here.
Squilly in the Loon.
Forward stroke.
Where to now?
Squilly tries the big boat. It is better. Now what do we do?
Squilly under attack!
Squilly under water!

When the morning grayness finally broke, before the clouds could build for the afternoon thunderstorms, we went to Province Lake for a little paddling and splashing. Access is very easy, with the road right by the beach. The lake basin has a big sky view, so the weather would not be able to sneak up on us.

Severe storms have hit parts of the state, but not our neighborhood this time. Things looked like they were getting exciting a few minutes after we got home, but never developed further than a couple of sharp rumbles and some turbulent clouds. Little micro power outages keep disrupting the electronics momentarily. Strange weather.

Squilly leaves late tomorrow afternoon after a week here. We're lucky he likes just kicking back here. I can't imagine how it would be to occupy someone who needed constant entertainment.

A second week would probably drive him around the bend.

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